A Web Based Base Station Management System


BaseLiNQ is a project for BLiNQ Networks to manage Base Stations through a web interface. The web interface allows adding, viewing, editing Base Stations through the interface to a database.

A demo of this project can be found here.

Click here for the JavaDoc of this project.

If you are an employer/university and I have sent you a resume, please use the username and password provided in the resume. Otherwise, please contact me for a login.

Technologies Used

The project is written in Java with the JavaServer Faces framework. The database used is the MySQL database and is connected using JDBC. The maps included are provided by Google Maps through the PrimeFaces framework. Additional AJAX features are provided by OmniFaces. The project is ran inside Red Hat's JBoss WildFly 8 Application Server inside Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS.

Visit my GitHub page for the source code.