Java development

Java Certified Programmer (OCA and OCP).
Experience in Swing, multithreading, Sockets, JDBC.

JavaServer Faces Development

Experience in AJAX, CDI, PrimeFaces, OmniFaces, Tomcat, JBoss WildFly.

Ruby & Rails Development

Experience in Rails, multithreading, pipes.


Android development

Experience in multithreading, Sockets.

Python development

Experience in multithreading, Sockets, pigpio library

JavaScript development

Experience in AJAX, Google Maps API.


These projects include school projects and personal projects.
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About Me

Currently a first year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto.
I am Java (OCA and OCP) and CompTIA A+ certified.
I enjoy programming, reading, skiing, ice skating, fishing and biking.
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Contact Me

Peter Zhu
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (613) 868-7206